Our Team

Pronounced /ÔLT ƏF ZIRŌ/

The Faces Behind Alt+F0

Over 25 years experience in information and data risk, operational risk, business and governance management. Our industries span from Finance, FinTech, Life Science, Healthcare, Education, Legal, Local and Federal Governments, International Governments, Pharmaceutical, and Technology.

Founder & CEO
Maria Martinez-Carey
Head of Technology
Fiona Rodgers
Head of Data
Anthony Oakey
WHy Choose Us

Expert, Strategic Project Management

We engage  with your management to strategically align your operations for compliance to regulatory requirements and maximize operational efficiencies. Our Risk Professionals establish strategic plans to project manage the implementation of operational risk activities.

We believe in diversity and inclusion that allows operational fairness and effectiveness. Our growth and health of our operations includes  our Clients' and Team Members' value and loyalty to strengthen our environments and communities.