Focus Areas

Information Governance (IG)
Build your IG program with the right tools: framework, data analysis, compliance assessments and a change management plan.
Data Management
Identify your data environments and develop a data-centric economy by implementing  Data Governance.
Privacy = Secure + Protect
Secure and protect your Information Assets with compliance in personal identifiable information (PII), personal healthcare information (PHI), and confidential information.
Records + Information Management (RIM)
Information Assets that are consistent, systematic, and defensible manner based on your industry’s legal, regulatory and operational requirements.
Legal Hold Management
Establish efficient legal hold processes by reducing electronic discovery and document collection costs.
Blockchain Technology = Efficiencies
Increase your Information Asset value with information management controls that identify and record each streamlined and secure transaction.

Information Assets

What are information assets? They are a collection of information and systems essential to your production and service comprised of the following:
Your Constructed Information

Tangible and intangible information with financial value based on both their content and your organization’s operations, history and legal obligations. These items may be report summaries, narrative documents, videos and/or images.

Your Unconstructed Information

Unformatted information stored and managed in decentralized repositories across various databases. Our platform formulates potentially valuable data from fixed field spreadsheets constructed information with organic value.

Your Information Systems

The organization’s aggregate network which collects, analyzes, processes, stores and disseminates information for specified purposes. These are human and technology driven processes enabling management of critical information.

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